How To Download and Activate the Premium Version (Trial or Paid)

See the screenshot for:

- Account area access
- Plan info, Trial or Paid, and Expiration period for reference
- Download links, if you haven't yet downloaded the Premium version ZIP file and saved it to your computer (making note of which folder it's saved in)

Now to actually install that version, follow the steps at the top of that screenshot:

- Upload and activate the newly downloaded ZIP file.
- Click Plugins, Add New, Upload.
- Select the ZIP file you downloaded and saved to your computer, find it in the save location you saved it to.
- Activate the plugin.
- It should automatically deactivate the free version, which you can then delete if you like.
- Video help if needed:

If you're clicking on the Premium email link, and it's installed the plugin, but it wasn't activated as expected, you can visit the Plugins > All Plugins page, it should show the free version, as well as the newly installed Premium version. Once activated, it should automatically deactivate the free version. The free version can then be deleted, as the premium version has the same features. 

Please let us know if you've done all that and the plugin isn't installing or activating as expected, or you run into any issues with the above.

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