How do I know if I'm using the free or paid plugin?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you are using the standard free version or Premium version of a plugin. Here are a few ways to check.

Check your license - Go to your WordPress dashboard, plugin settings page. Some users will see a link in the navigation menu to “account” with license information. (screenshot 1)

Check your plugin settings page - Free users will see “Upgrade” messaging in the settings page. Upgraded users will no longer see this messaging and will have Premium options available such as adding a logo.

Check for Premium support - When Premium support is unlocked the “technical support” option will be made available on the “contact us” form. Those who have started a free trial will see Premium options available for the duration of the trial period.

Check your plugin title - Another quick way to check is to search your installed plugins for our plugin name to see if it lists “Premium” in the plugin title.

Ask us - If you still aren’t sure, please contact us so we can look up your license to let you know.

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Screenshot 1: Your WordPress dashboard > Plugin settings page > "account" tab 

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