Need to submit a bug?

Is it a bug? A bug can happen anywhere and if you come across one in our plugin we want to hear about it, and fix it quickly! Some issues are not necessarily a bug and should not be escalated as such.

A bug can be broadly defined as experiencing:

  • An unexpected or undefined error message that appears to have come from our plugin or as a result of using our plugin.
  • The plugin is working in an unexpected way or appears broken.
  • You are a savvy developer too and have discovered a security concern.

DO NOT POST SECURITY ISSUES TO THE WORDPRESS.ORG FORUM!!! Public forum increases the risk to websites using a plugin by announcing the vulnerability to bad actors.

How to submit a bug.

There is a bug submission form available from our plugin settings page.

  1. Head to your WordPress dashboard, plugin page.
  2. Click “contact us” from the plugin navigation menu.
  3. Choose “bug” from the form.
  4. Describe the concern, including the steps you took to encounter the problem, what device was used if relevant to display issues, and any other pertinent information to help our developers understand and recreate the issue. If you experience an error message be sure to copy and paste it into the description.

Blesta plugin users should email support from the top menu of the Knowledge Base.

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