How do I edit the provided default text?

NEW! Easy Age Verify Premium version 1.2 unlocks all text for editing or self translation.

To make an edit, simply begin typing in an open text field. If the field is not shown or open for typing, it is not editable.

Default text is provided for each turnkey configuration. Each text field is restricted by a character count including spaces - noted in settings.

Some of this text is editable in the Easy Age Verify free plugin:

  • Age prompt text
  • Disclaimer text

The disclaimer handles HTML for text links and light formatting such as bold text. Text links are commonly used to reference long form legal content. Keep in mind that if you link to an internal URL, for example the Privacy Policy on the same domain, it will still be blocked by the age verify pop-up. If you add a link to the disclaimer be sure it goes an outside domain or hosted document. 

Other fields besides the disclaimer cannot take HTML. 

Additional fields that are editable using Easy Age Verify Premium version 1.2 or newer are:

  • Button text
  • Error message text

WARNING: Keep in mind that when you change verification type, any text edits you’ve made will be overwritten (lost) with default copy from the new configuration.

Setting vape to alcohol for example, will override the vape text with default alcohol text. Setting it back to vape would replace alcohol text with default vape text. Not your edited copy.

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