Edit, customize or translate text

Customize or translate verification. "Free-form Custom Text" is a Premium plugin option. It's translation ready. Customize the messaging to verify anything, anyway you want. 

Default text is provided for each turnkey configuration to make Marijuana Age Verify quick and easy to set up. 

Quick Facts

  • Turnkey default text is not editable in order to preserve the way each configuration works. 
  • Customize text using the "Free-form Custom Text" premium option. 
  • Text fields are restricted by a character count including spaces - noted in settings.
  • Uses fonts and styles from your WordPress theme.
  • Text color automation sets optimal contrast to black or white based on color selection of background.

Editable Text Fields

  • Disclaimer Text (Standard)
  • Age prompt, button and error message text (Premium "Free-form Custom Text" option)
  • Headline Text (Premium)
  • Subhead Text (Premium)

Where should I add my license number?

The subhead “text under headline” or the “disclaimer” areas are ideal for showing your license number or other required information. 

Translate the Popup

Upgrade to the Premium plugin for the "Free-form Custom Text" option which allow you to edit all of the required fields shown to visitors for translation (screenshot 1). The required fields are: age prompt, disclaimer text, button text, error message, and optionally the disclaimer text.  The optional "remember me" checkbox text is not editable. If you are translating the popup to another language do not enable the return visitor cookie.

Screenshot 1 - Premium plugin - Free-form Custom Text customization

Disclaimer Text

Marijuana Age Verify standard plugin includes a disclaimer text field. It is automatically formatted as a disclaimer in small font which displays at the bottom of the window. This text field is left blank and does not display unless you enter text.  

Adding links or HTML

The disclaimer handles HTML for text links and light formatting such as bold text. Text links are commonly used to reference long form legal content. Keep in mind that if you link to an internal URL, for example the Privacy Policy on the same domain, it will still be blocked by the age verify pop-up. If you add a link to the disclaimer be sure it goes an outside domain or hosted document. 

Do not use HTML in other fields besides the disclaimer. Get the HTML snippet.

Screenshot 2 - Standard plugin - optional disclaimer text

How to use Free-form Custom Text

Premium provides full customization of verification text. This option is used by International sites to translate the popup to other languages and feel localized. 

Look for "Free-form Custom Text" under the "verify for" setting. When the Free-Form option is selected text fields will appear to enter your own copy. 

Required fields:

  • Age prompt text
  • Button text 
  • Error message text

Each plain text field is restricted by a character count including spaces - noted in settings. If you do not replace the placeholder copy, your popup will display "your text here" in the required field.

WARNING: The error message displays when a user clicks the bottom button (by default the second red button indicating they are not of age). Even though the colors and text are customizable on buttons, do not switch the intended use of these buttons around because it will break how verification is programmed to work. In other words, if you turned the bottom button green and made the words "yes" the system will continue blocking them from entering the site. Top button is enter, bottom button is no entry.

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