How do I upgrade my plugin?

Upgrading Standard (Free) to Premium (Paid)

You can upgrade from a standard version of our plugin to Premium by purchasing a license from our website or from within your WordPress dashboard. View current pricing from the cart after clicking "upgrade" or visit our website to get help on choosing a plan.

Login to Your WordPress Site to Upgrade

If you already have the free version of our plugin installed and activated, you can purchase it right from the dashboard. Log into your WordPress dashboard. Go to our plugin page and upgrade from the plugin menu and checkout.

Install the Premium Plugin

Even if you have already installed the free version, you will need to install the Premium version to complete the upgrade. After completing payment, you will see a prompt with a download link to the Premium plugin file. You will also receive an email with the download link. 

  1. Download the Premium plugin file from the link provided. (screenshot 1)
  2. In your WordPress dashboard go to “plugins” then select “add new plugin” to install the zip file. (screenshot 2)
  3. Activate the plugin once it has completed uploading. 

Screenshot 1: Your WordPress dashboard > plugin page > account > download the paid version (Premium)

Screenshot 2: Your WordPress dashboard on our plugin page > install and activate the Premium plugin

If you've previously installed the Premium plugin, for example using the free trial, you will not need to install Premium again. You will instead see a prompt to activate the plugin. (screenshot 3) Be sure to update it to the latest version if it is out of date.

Screenshot 3: If the Premium plugin was installed previously skip the download and go activate it

Changing to a Different Premium Plan

A paid Premium plan can be upgraded or changed to another type of Premium plan. For example, a monthly subscriber might want to upgrade to an Annual Plan to save costs. A Lifetime plan offers maximum cost savings for longterm users. 

The upgrade from Premium cannot be done through the WordPress plugin page. Instead you will need to login to your 5 Star Plugins account. It is powered by Freemius which is the platform we use at 5 Star Plugins to manage our plugins and secure billing. It is not WordPress. 

  1. Login to your 5 Star Plugins account.
  2. Go to the "renewals & billing" tab from the main menu. (screenshot 4)
  3. It will display your current plans, from a plugin plan click on the > to display more information.
  4. From the > button, the plan details will display providing options to upgrade.
  5. After upgrading, login to your WordPress site, go to the plugin page and then "account" tab to sync the new license. (screenshot 5)

Read: About your 5 Star Plugins account & login info

Screenshot 4: 5 Star Plugins account > renewals & billing > upgrade Premium higher

Screenshot 5: Your WordPress dashboard > plugin page > account > sync

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