Check for conflicting RSS plugins using this shortcut

Sometimes issues that appear to be caused by Featured Images In RSS plugin are related to a conflicting plugin. Our plugin sends one image to feed, that's it.

Double images or double titles happen when another plugin is also sending the same data. The only way to know for sure is to deactivate other plugins (while ours is active) to identify the conflict. Once you identify the conflicting plugin keep it deactivated or investigate the settings to see if you can turn off RSS features while keeping it active. 

Conflicting Plugins

Known conflicting plugins:

  • RSS Link plugin 
  • Feedzy
  • Rank Math
  • Yoast SEO
  • Found a new one? Please contact us so we can add it to the list.
Rank Math SEO breaks feeds by adding title tags to images in the RSS feed incorrectly. We recommend disabling this plugin.
Yoast SEO has an RSS images option that can be disabled in their plugin settings.

Manual Method

Try deactivating other plugins, a few at a time, clear your cache and check the raw feed after each time, to see if it goes away. 

  1. Keep Featured Images In RSS plugin activated.
  2. Deactivate other plugins a few at a time.
  3. Clear the website cache, if applicable.
  4. Check the feed after each time to see if the double image disappears. Use the RSS Image Checker tool (with the cache busting feature on) or view the raw feed URL.
  5. Once it does, reactivate those plugins one at a time, checking the feed each time, and see which one causes it to be added back.
  6. When the conflicting plugin is identified, deactivate it completely or turn off the RSS feature if there is an option to.

Shortcut Using SSH

Rather than blindly going through plugins, try this shortcut from our dev team. 

A more advanced method is to use SSH (you'll need be familiar with SSH and have SSH access), and use the grep command to find code relating to the RSS feed, 'the_excerpt_rss' is one good way:

cd wp-content/plugins/
grep -r 'the_excerpt_rss' *

For my site as an example, it displays:
# grep -r 'the_excerpt_rss' *
featured-images-for-rss-feeds/featured_images_in_rss.php: 'the_excerpt_rss',
featured-images-for-rss-feeds-premium/includes/premium/premium.php:add_filter( 'the_excerpt_rss', 'firss_insert_ads', 15 );
featured-images-for-rss-feeds-premium/includes/premium/premium.php:add_filter( 'the_excerpt_rss', 'firss_featured_images_in_rss_first_image', 1001, 1 );
featured-images-for-rss-feeds-premium/featured_images_in_rss.php: 'the_excerpt_rss',
feedzy-rss-feeds/includes/feedzy-rss-feeds-feed-tweaks.php:add_filter( 'the_excerpt_rss', 'feedzy_insert_thumbnail' );
wordpress-seo/src/integrations/front-end/rss-footer-embed.php: \add_filter( 'the_excerpt_rss', [ $this, 'embed_rssfooter_excerpt' ] );
wp-piwik/classes/WP_Piwik.php: add_filter ( 'the_excerpt_rss', array (

From that result, I see that plugins with these folder names have code affecting the RSS feed:


And I can narrow down which one is causing issues or conflicting with other plugins. 

The SSH commands just help find the plugins to target for deactivation, there’s no editing going on.

Get Our Help

If you’d like help finding the plugin and you’re a Premium user, you can use the contact form to submit a tech support request. Login to your WordPress dashboard, visit the Featured Images In RSS plugin page, and click "contact us". We will require an admin login to your WordPress site to help. Use the "technical support" form to securely send the login info. 

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