Set image padding and alignment

Features Images In RSS standard plugin provides  alignment and padding options.

Position: Select Image left above text, Image left text wrap, Image right text wrap, and Image centered above text.

Padding: Instantly set the spacing between the image and the body text.

How To Use It

Go to our plugin page from your WordPress dashboard, located in the left sidebar. The feature is set to a default.

The alignment setting will specify alignment on the image sent to the RSS feed. 

The padding setting adds whitespace around the image. Typical padding ranges 20 to 35 pixels but it can be anything you want. We recommend viewing a test email in desktop and mobile to perfect it. To accomplish full width edgeless photos, set the padding to zero from left to right.

Remember to save your settings. If you are not immediately seeing the option take effect, clear your website cache or refresh your feed with the third party service being used to display your RSS content. 

Using Mailchimp RSS email?

If you are using Mailchimp RSS email you will need to add Mailchimp specific CSS to the email template in order for it to capture alignment and padding settings from the plugin. This is not the case with plugin image size settings.

Read: Mailchimp CSS to capture padding and alignment settings

No Text Wrap or Title Below Image Placement

 The Premium plugin provides capabilities for advanced design and precise image placement using media or enclosure tags. 

View screenshots and capabilities

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