Protect content with publish delay

No more typos or accidental drafts going to email with publish delay.

Feed Delay: Get indexed first in SEO and safeguard mistakes from instantly hitting the feed.

When a post is published it instantly hits the RSS feed triggering other services and news sites to pull in your content. This Premium feature provides a time buffer between the time publish is clicked and being sent to the feed. 

There are SEO benefits, too. If your posts are syndicated to other sites it provides the opportunity to index your page with Google before others. Pages indexed first get attribution for the original content while duplicates will not rank as easily. 

How To Use It

Go to our plugin page from your WordPress dashboard, located in the left sidebar. The feature is not set by default.

Simply enter a number in minutes (60 = 1 hour, 120 = 2 hours...) and the next post that goes from draft to publish will be delayed by that long before it is sent to the RSS feed. This will in turn delay the post from reaching readers and marketing automation services like RSS email. It's a good way to give the marketing team time to catch any typos or return an accidentally published post back to draft. 

To disable delay leave the field empty.

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