Check if RSS images are showing

Once you've installed and activated Featured Images In RSS images will instantly start sending images to your feed. If you visit your feed URL to view the raw feed it just looks like a bunch of code text. It is really difficult to know at a glance if the RSS images are showing up. 

We created a tool to help with just that.

Use our RSS Image Checker

Visit the page to enter your WordPress RSS URL (example:

The tool will scan for RSS images and return thumbnails from what it finds. It will provide information on which method are used to enclose RSS images; standard method (our standard plugin) or media tags or enclosure tags methods (the latter two require use of our Premium plugin).

If images are not showing up, it will provide a link to troubleshoot reasons why. A common one is not technically having set a featured image for each of your posts. In many cases, site owners might be adding a photo to the top of each post in body content. Here's the solution.

And, we provide world-class support from the USA if you need help figuring out how to get RSS images working from your site. Try it out and go through the common (and easy to fix) troubleshooting reasons first, then contact us if you still need help.

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