How do I downgrade my Premium plugin?

Billing and account information can be managed from our plugin page "account" tab on your WordPress site or by logging into your 5 Star Plugins account on our site

How To Cancel A Premium Subscription

You can cancel your Premium subscription from the plugin page. Login to your WordPress site, go to our plugin page, and then to the “account” tab, and click "downgrade" to cancel subscription.

When you downgrade you will see this warning, click "OK" to complete cancellation.

How do I cancel my subscription if I've already deactivated or deleted the plugin?

You can also log into your account on our website and cancel the subscription there:!/login

Will the subscription cancel when I deactivate the plugin?

When you deactivate the plugin you can cancel the Premium subscription. Deactivate our Premium plugin then watch for a prompt to cancel the subscription. If you do not see this prompt be sure to do it from the plugin page as shown above while the plugin is activated.

Don't see the downgrade button?

If you do not see the downgrade option in your account it is because you have a lifetime license. A lifetime license is purchased through a one-time payment and does not have auto renew billing so there is no need to cancel a subscription. 

What happens after I cancel?

When a Premium license expires the plugin will revert back to the standard version. However, the Premium plugin will still show in your active plugins list in WordPress. This doesn't mean that you are subscribed or billed for it. The Premium plugin kit comes with a current version of the standard free plugin for the purpose of downgrading. 

Will I be automatically billed again?

Your status will automatically be updated in the billing system and you will not be charged on the next renewal cycle. If you mistakenly subscribed to a Premium license or forgot to cancel last month and the current billing cycle has just started, contact us to see if you qualify for a refund. 

You do not need to cancel a free trial. 

There is no need to downgrade from a free trial. If you do not upgrade before the end of the trial period, you will not be charged and the trial license expires.

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