Transfer a license to a new or corrected domain

Upgrade Made on WordPress Staging Sites

The system automatically recognizes dev sites and does not count that toward your single domain license. This applies to (dev.) and (staging.) subdomains. Try activating the Premium plugin on the live site and it should carry over. If for some reason it doesn't, try the procedure below to transfer it over. 

Upgrade Made to Wrong Domain or Transferring a License to a Different Domain

Here is the procedure if the upgrade was mistakenly made on the wrong domain/subdomain or need to transfer it to a new domain.

How to transfer a Premium plugin license:

  1. Login to the upgraded site/domain and head to the plugin settings "account" tab. 
  2. Copy the license key and save it for later.
  3. Deactivate the license. 
  4. Login to the site/domain you want the upgrade to apply to. 
  5. Install and activate the Premium plugin.
  6. Activate the license using the saved license key.

Our system will update the domain applicable to the license. The subscription plan and billing will carry over unchanged. 

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