The popup was designed to display when you want it to. There is a delay timer (seconds) and frequency (days).

Delay Timer Setting

A timer begins upon page load to delay the seconds before the popup displays. There is an option to choose no delay which will display immediately. The default setting is 5 seconds following best practices for how soon to show a promotion after a visitor lands on your site.


Every visitor will see the popup at least once upon their first visit to the site. You determine when they will see it again using the “Do not show again for…” frequency setting. It must be set to 1 or more days in order for the popup to function correctly. The default is 1 day. If you are concerned about return visitors getting the popup too frequently, you might set it to 7 days or as long as 30 days.

When the popup settings/design is updated the frequency is not reset. Read more about how the cookie works.

How can I target new customers?

If customers login to your site and you’d prefer to target potential new customers, use the “Show except to logged-in users” mode. Customers will see the popup before logging in, then not while logged in. If you'd prefer returning visitors not see it while logged out so frequently, set it to show again in a month, quarter or year (30, 90, 360 days). 

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