I’m using Mailchimp and I can’t view images in my newsletter

The plugin works with Mailchimp and other email service providers (ESPs) very well, it is used on thousands of sites with Automated RSS campaigns, so no worries, we can get Mailchimp or other ESP issues worked out.

The very common short answer is that for Mailchimp specifically, the Preview does not like responsive image code added by WordPress (not by our plugin), so the images don't show in Preview (show as broken images), you could ignore that but know they will work fine when the email is sent out; use the test email to see how things will really look. Happily, the Premium version of our plugin does offer an option to disable the responsive image code allowing them to display in Mailchimp's preview.

A longer, more in-depth trouble-shooting answer:

We always start with the raw feed... If you do see images in your raw feed, the plugin is working great... Your raw feed is usually at yourwebsite.com/feed/ but adjust that URL according to your blog post URLs.

Once the raw feed is showing images, we can troubleshoot further.
Are images not showing in the Mailchimp template preview, but are showing in a test email sent out? If so that's do to Mailchimp not liking the responsive images, use the Premium version's option to turn off responsive images in the feed... (For free plugin users, just ignore the broken preview, knowing that images will work when actually being sent out, and use the test email as final proof of how things will actually look.)
If you're using Mailchimp without the Premium version, you should use *|RSSITEM:CONTENT_FULL|* which should show the image at the start of the content/text. The sizing may be an issue, but that's the last part to adjust.
If you're using the Premium version (trial or paid), then you optionally have some better layout control, because you can separate the image and the content, using Mailchimp's RSSITEM:IMAGE or RSSITEM:ENCLOSURE merge tags to place the image in different places than just before the body text. You don't need to use those, because the image is still in the RSSITEM:CONTENT_FULL tag. If you end up with two images when using the IMAGE or ENCLOSURE tags, then try RSSITEM:CONTENT instead.
Sizing the images are sometimes the next area of concern, and we have related articles on Mailchimp-specific CSS and custom CSS that may be needed. 

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