Timing & Cookie Functionality

Set seconds delay timer and frequency in days to control when to display the popup.

Delay Timer

The Sets a timer for how long to delay the popup from showing and frequency for when they’ll see it again.

Frequency Cookie

A cookie is included in the standard and Premium plugin. It sets frequency for when visitors will see the popup again when they return to the site on subsequent visits. It is set by default to one day. You can edit the number of days by typing in a number above zero. The cookie prevents the popup from showing over again on every page/page load after the visitor closes it. Days cannot be set to zero otherwise it would not function properly.

The cookie can be cleared on your own browser using the "clear my cookie" tool or you can "reset cookie for all visitors" under advanced settings. 

Clear My Cookie

This tool is helpful when viewing/testing the popup when using a public mode that is not Testing Mode. It detects a cookie in your own browser and clears it so you can see the popup again. It does not clear cookies for anyone but yourself.

Reset Cookie

Checking this setting erases history from past visitors and resets the frequency count for everyone. Return visitors will immediately see the popup on their next visit. This setting must be saved and will then generate a new cookie. 

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