Age Verify Compatible

Avoid multiple windows layering.

Pretty Simple Popup Premium was built for compatibility with our age gate products Easy Age Verify plugin and Marijuana Age Verify plugin. The popup starts after age verification preventing multiple windows from piling up. 

Create a better user experience.

Avoid a popup from further blocking visitors from your site after the verification window closes. It creates a better user experience that will not frustrate visitors.

How it works.

When a site visitor first encounters the site it is blocked by an age verification window generated by one of our Age Verify Plugins. After they've confirmed "yes" they are of age to enter the site, the Pretty Simple Popup plugin will detect this and only then start its delay timer. It is recommended that the popup is delayed by at least 10 seconds to allow the visitor a break between the two windows. 

Plugin Requirements

This compatibility requires only the standard version of our Age Verify plugin with the Premium version of Pretty Simple Popup. It will not work with any other age verification product or the free Pretty Simple Popup standard plugin.

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