Popup delay not working with Age Verify?

Pretty Simple Popup Premium is compatible with Easy Age Verify, and Marijuana Age Verify, Standard or Premium. The popup timer starts ticking after the age window closes (verified yes and enters the site). If your delay timer is set to 5 seconds, you can count to five after verification to confirm it's working. If your popup is set to 5 seconds, yet it is sitting behind the age window without delay, something is wrong. 


Are you using the Premium plugin?

If you are using Pretty Simple Popup Standard free plugin you will need to upgrade to the Premium plugin for the Age Verify compatibility feature. It works on the free trial if you want to test drive it first.

Set to "no delay"?

This is a no brainer but it's worth checking. If your delay timer is set to "no delay" it will sit behind the age window... with no delay! It's an easy fix.

Realtime settings check enabled?

If your Age Verify plugin has the "Realtime settings check" enabled it will not work with Pretty Simple Popup. This checkbox is off by default because most sites do not need to use it. If you really don't need it, uncheck it and the seamless timing between age verification and Pretty Simple Popup will begin working. If you really do need both things to work send us a feature request using the contact form from your Pretty Simple Popup settings page. This will help us prioritize the issue in a future plugin update.

Get Help

Report the bug.

If you didn't find the answer through troubleshooting may have a bug that needs developer attention. Report a bug using the contact form from your Pretty Simple Popup settings page. The bug form is available to free and paid plugin users. 

Helpful information to include:

  • Which Age Verify plugin is being used.
  • Is it happening on mobile or desktop?
  • What browser were you using?
  • How many seconds is the popup delay timer set?
  • Confirm the Age Verify plugin has "Realtime settings check" off. Was it on when the issue started?
  • Was it working previously then it stopped working? Did the site change? Was a new plugin installed?

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