Create Footer Policy Links

Dynamic Copyright Year Premium adds footer links next to the copyright year. The non-intrusive placement declutters the main menu and puts them where visitors expect to see it. You set the URL and link title, and select the position.

What is it used for?

Works great for linking to privacy policy, cookie policy, disclaimer, terms & conditions or offer terms.

How to add policy links:

  1. Go to Premium Settings
  2. Click “Add Link” and enter link text and URL. Repeat to add up to three links.
  3. Select a link position from the drop down.
  4. Make sure "Update my footer year" is on or links will not show.
  5. Save settings, then visit your site to view the footer.

Refresh your browser to view changes.

Automatic cache clearing helps saved plugin edits take effect on most websites. Page cache is automatically cleared sitewide each time settings are saved. If you do not see changes take effect after refreshing your browser, clear page cache manually.

Position Options

Select from two options to position policy links near the copyright year.

Example: Policy links below copyright

Example: Policy links on same line

To delete or update links:

Click remove link or edit link. Leave blank to not show.

Note: Under Standard settings, when the “Activate automatic updating?” is toggled “off” everything is disabled. Policy links will not show.

How is it formatted?

The plugin adds a pipe separator between the copyright year text and policy links. No formatting is set by the plugin. It inherits the style of your Theme which controls text color, size, and whether or not links are underlined. To adjust link styles you'll need to edit your Theme options or CSS code.

Format Quick Fix Add HTML

Do Footer Policy Links look different from the rest of the footer? The Theme could be using a style different from that our plugin is defaulting to. We built-in a quick fix. Turn on Format Quick Fix to add HTML<p> tags around links. Refresh the page to see if it looks better. 

If the format looks better but the line break looks off, try positioning links below the copyright. Although rare, this is a known compatibility issue on some Themes. Learn more

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