How to adjust logo size

The logo size can be changed by  uploading a different sized image.

The age window displays an image at the actual dimension up to a max width or height. It does not stretch the image. 

Recommended logo image sizes (in pixels): 
  • XS Icon: 90px
  • Small: 150px
  • Medium: 300px
  • Large: 650px

Re-upload the image file in the new size.


Crop the image  square for a symmetrical look such as an icon.
A rectangular  horizontal image will fill in width bringing content higher up.
A rectangular vertical image will take up height pushing content down.
Retina display:
Double the pixels for retina display. For example, if using the largest maximum display size 650px, retina resolution is 1300px. 
If you are not sure about choosing between a perfect desktop big screen display vs retina optimization, look at your web analytics to find out which the majority of your visitors use. It is common for visitors to be primarily on mobile devices which means retina display takes priority.

More "white space": 

Add padding around the image by editing, cropping, or scaling the image. Re-upload the image file. 

Fix the "white box" behind the logo:

Use a transparent PNG for our color background to show through. If the image is a JPG it fills in white. The image must be "punched out" with a transparent background within the native file then saved in PNG and re-uploaded.
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