How dynamic copyright year updates work

The Dynamic Copyright Year Standard free plugin keeps the footer year current on WordPress sites. On page load it detects copyright year text in the footer and changes the year to current based on the visitor's local timezone. This means your site is updated in realtime as the countdown begins on New Year's Eve around the globe. 

For sites that use caching, the plugin uses built-in automatic page cache clearing (sitewide) each time settings are saved. This feature works on most services. If your site uses caching and you do not see the year change over on January 1st, you likely need to manually clear page cache.

The plugin does not add copyright year text to the footer, it updates what is already there. It does not modify the format.

Do I need to upgrade?

No, you do not need to upgrade for dynamic copyright year to work every year. The Premium plugin provides the added value of Footer Policy Links and priority email support for code-level help.

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