Amazon or other JavaScript ads showing twice?

In rare instances, the plugin causes double ads in the footer of sites using JavaScript ads with certain Themes. It is a known bug we are researching. Our plugins go through rigorous testing prior to release and must be approved to meet the standards of reviewers. 

During our own testing, the plugin triggered a duplicate Amazon ad from a footer widget with these Themes:

  • Milieu Theme
  • Enfold Theme

The plugin did not break the footer of sites using these Themes without JavaScript ads. (No ads, no issues.)

The bug did not replicate from ads placed in the body using these Themes.

We tested Amazon JavaScript ads on multiple site Themes and could not replicate the issue on 4 of 6 sites. 

This issue may be caused by the way these Themes are coded and interacts with JavaScript. If you have any insight to the issue please shoot us a message.

Unfortunately, if you are using these Themes with JavaScript ads in the footer this plugin is not currently compatible.

If you experienced this while using another Theme not listed here, please report a bug using our contact form so that we can verify the cause, provide a fix if available or document it as an incompatible Theme in this list. 

We appreciate it!

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