The popup format doesn't look quite right?

Our plugin is  hardcoded with some formatting to ensure a popup displays correctly and responsively across devices. 

It may use site fonts and styles set by your Theme or CSS. If you see something not quite right with the way it displays, such as:
  • Buttons or text mis-aligned
  • Overlapping text or buttons or image elements
  • Elements spanning outside the popup box
  • Anything that doesn't follow the general format of our screenshots
It could be because your site CSS is overriding our plugin format. Some sites use a Theme that overrides our code or it could be hardcoded on your end. It requires a CSS snippet to adjust our plugin display.
Pretty Simple Popup  Premium tech support includes code-level help from our WordPress experts to get everything working perfectly. We will review the front-end and send the necessary CSS code to add to your site. 
Send a tech support email with a link to the live site with the popup enabled or a screenshot so we can confirm the issue. 

Premium support  does not cover Theme customization or repairing hardcoded or poorly coded Themes.

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