Images not showing in Feedburner?

Does the plugin work with Feedburner?

Featured Images In RSS will work with Feedburner and any other tool that pulls in RSS data from your site. 

However, we do not recommend using the service as it is known to cause many issues. Google does not intend to continue supporting Feedburner and has warned of sunsetting it for years. In 2021 Google announced that it is moving FeedBurner to a new infrastructure but also deprecating its email subscription service. Those who were using Feedburner RSS email are at risk of losing their subscriber list. There are true ESP's that offer RSS email to replace it. 

Already using Feedburner and RSS images are not showing?

The likely cause is Feedburner which is caching (saving) the feed image and has not refreshed. Feedburner redirects your real RSS URL to its feedburner URL.

Try adding this to the end of your feed URL in Feedburner, to see if it will refresh it's cache of your feed:  /?nocache

Our RSS Image Checker Tool will add a cache buster to the URL for you.

Feedburner recommends you go to the feed troubleshoot page (after logging into your Feedburner account) and then you need to click "Resync Now" and it should do a refresh of your feed and be updated.

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