What's the annual subscription and other fees?

Help Scout For Blesta plugin has two components to its cost structure. First time purchases will automatically include the plugin license and a year subscription to plugin updates and support.

Fee Breakdown

Plugin License + Installation Service

The Lifetime License applies to use of the plugin without additional recurring fees. This applies to the initial plugin .zip download and installation. The one-time fee is combined with the option to upgrade to Full Service Installation. Otherwise, self-install is the standard. 

  • Lifetime License: $30 one-time fee
  • Full Service Installation Upgrade: $99 one-time fee (optional)

Annual Subscription

The yearly recurring subscription covers plugin updates and continued tech support. Plugin updates might include important security patches, fixes, new features, and any required app updates to keep up with changes in Help Scout or Blesta. For a lower fee than the original purchase you will get the updates and support needed to keep your platform secure and running.

  • Subscription: $29.99 per

Can I cancel the annual subscription? Yes, you can cancel the subscription after the first year or stop automatic billing so your plan runs out when it's up for renewal. Login to your account to make changes. 

Total Billing Summary

1st Year Total Cost

$59.99 or $158.99 with optional installation service 

2nd Year Recurring Lower Cost

$29.99 per year

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