What's included in the premium version of the plugin?

The premium version of the plugin provides many additional features and provides premium personalized support for as long as you subscribe to the premium plugin.

Premium features include:

  • World-class Support: Includes expert support - we will help you configure and troubleshoot any issues you have with getting images into your RSS feed and making them look great, using your RSS feed in Mailchimp or other RSS service provider, any technical issues you have with the plugin, your feed, images displaying in your email templates, custom CSS needed for your unique theme or template, etc. We've yet to run into an issue we can't resolve. Simply use the Contact Us link in the plugin to submit an issue.
  • Media Tag Support: Outputs blog post featured images/thumbnails inside <media> and <enclosure> tags. (Note that <image> tag is a top-level feed image, not a per-post image, and so is not used within feed items.)
  • Disable responsive images: Disable responsive images under RSS feeds, fixing Mailchimp preview images and avoiding issues with other systems where the responsive code interferes with the display of your images.
  • Custom Featured Images Size: Customize the size of featured images in RSS feeds.
  • First Body Image Support: Use first image in post as featured image in RSS feed.
  • Exclude Categories: Exclude certain post categories from showing in your feed, allowing you to create RSS-specific or subscriber-exclusive content.
  • Pre-Feed Content: Output any custom content, including HTML before the main post content.
  • Post-Feed Content: Output any custom content, including HTML after the main post content.
  • Publish Delay: Delays the publishing of the feed after post is published.

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