Premium Trial Features and Support

The premium trial includes all the premium features for you to test out with your website, theme, plugins, and any external services, to ensure it will fully work with your site and provide you with the functionality you desire and fits the needs of your content marketing automation.

Premium support during the trial period is provided to ensure the plugin is working as intended and configured properly, and answering questions or concerns as best we can -- our paid Premium support would include support for your unique issues such as theme coding review/recommendations or code edits, Email or Mailchimp template and CSS troubleshooting, theme or plugin conflict resolution, custom enhancements, etc.

Our goal is to provide you with a full real-world experience to demonstrate our plugin will do what you want it to do and that we provide responsive support to help you get everything working as you desire - and if you agree to move forward with purchasing a license, you know we will help you even further with your unique and specific theme or service issues.

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