My age verify window is not popping up.

Verification is disabled by default until you edit “Enable verification” under the plugin settings to show it to visitors on your public website. Until then, visitors will not see a pop-up. If you have “Enable verification” options set to not show to logged in users, it will not pop-up while you are logged into your WordPress Dashboard. If you are not logged in or if it set to show to all visitors, it could be due to the session cookie. Meaning you saw it the first time, verified, and it is not showing again during your visit as it is built to function. You can quickly check to see if your pop-up window is firing to new visitors as it should be by opening your website in an incognito window. Or, by logging out and closing your browser window, the visiting your website without logging in. Age Verify should not be impacted by caching plugins, but you need to clear the page/server/CDN cache upon plugin activation, if it is not displaying, or changes are not reflected on reload. If you have gone through trouble shooting of all these scenarios and it still doesn’t seem to be working, please visit the free WordPress support forum. If you are a Pro Marketer Premium user, you can also contact us directly for tech support using the links from the WordPress Dashboard.

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