Customize the background

The background overlay can be customized with Easy Age Verify Premium. The Standard plugin hides content 100% behind an opaque blackout background to best accommodate all free users particularly those restricting adult content. 

From the plugin settings page you'll find background settings for opacity and HEX under your Premium Design Options. 

Hide Content 0-100% 

Use the Premium plugin to adjust opacity 0-100%. To fully hide the site set opacity to 100% which allows no transparency to the content behind the age window. 

Create an elegant slightly transparent background by setting opacity to 85%. 

If opacity is set to 0% the age text and buttons will float over the page without a background. The latter is only suggested for minimalistic sites and that have been display tested in desktop-mobile screen sizes so that the age text continues to be legible.  

Set Your Color

To edit the background color select or enter a HEX#. Black or white, or other neutral color such as grey, work best on backgrounds that have any level of transparency. 

A colorful solid background looks great on mobile if a clean look is what you're after. 

Make sure the background color contrasts well with your logo/image and button colors. Sometimes it helps to add a white or black outline around the logo image to make it pop.


Text color automation sets optimal contrast. Text color changes to black or white based on color selection of background or button.

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