Are multiple languages supported or translation?

NEW! Easy Age Verify Premium version 1.2 unlocks text editing for self translation.

Easy Age Verify comes with turn-key configurations with relevant messaging for adult, alcohol or vape audiences. The default text was written in English for the United States. You can edit all of the default text visible to visitors by upgrading to Premium. 

Editable Text Fields:

  • Age prompt text (free)
  • Disclaimer text (free)
  • Button text (only with Premium)
  • Error message text (only with Premium)

These are all of the text fields needed to translate the pop-up window to the language of your choice.

The optional "remember me" checkbox text is not editable. If you are translating the pop-up to another language do not enable the return visitor cookie.

There are currently no translation tools or language versions. Easy Age Verify was developed in the U.S. with default text written in English.

Next: Learn how to replace default text.

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