I have a billing issue.

If you need to resolve a billing or license issue, please contact us using the form from your WordPress dashboard plugin page. Select “billing issue” for both and let us know how we can help. Here are common questions from customers.

How do I end my free trial without getting charged?

If you are on a free trial there is no credit card information collected. It is only collected at the point of checking out after selecting a plan. When your trial period is over simply do nothing and your plan will switch back to the standard free plugin automatically.

How do I end my paid plan?

Renewal of a monthly or annual plan can be cancelled by visiting your WordPress dashboard plugin page, click the “account” link from the menu, and find options to cancel renewal of future billing. If you’ve made a mistake in signing up for a plan, or have discovered you’ve somehow purchased it twice, please use the “contact us” form in your WordPress dashboard plugin page to submit a “billing issue” with details.

My plan auto renewed before I could cancel it.

If you didn’t cancel the plan before it auto renewed, no problem. You have 30 days to cancel your plan. From your WordPress dashboard plugin page, click the “account” link from the menu to cancel your plan. Then contact us to submit a “billing issue” for a refund.

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