How to use the “verify for” setting

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“Verify for” sets which type of verification to display in Marijuana Age Verify. Each turnkey configuration provides default messaging specific to medical or recreational cannabis appropriate to the United States, Canada or UK.  

Select the configuration that most closely matches your business and local laws. If you don't see one, create your own using the Free-form Custom Text option.

The free standard plugin has everything needed to start verifying age for medical (18+ or 19+) cannabis or for recreational cannabis (18+, 19+ 0r 21+). 

The Premium plugin provides a bonus turnkey option to verify both medical and recreational ages at once. This configuration asks the visitor to confirm that they are "either" 18+ years with a medical card or 21+ for recreational. It's ideal for medical + recreational blended dispensaries. 

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Is your business adults only, alcohol or vape?

We offer a variation of this plugin built specifically for age restricted industries. Try Easy Age Verify

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