Enable a return visitor cookie

This popular feature enhances the user experience of your website by remembering return customers and frequent visitors. 

With Marijuana Age Verify Premium you can enable a return visitor cookie that places a "remember me" checkbox on the verification window. This option is turned off until you enable it. 

The default text your visitor sees next to the checkbox reads: "Remember me next time"

How Return Visitor Cookies Work

Easy Marijuana Age Verify shows once per session to a visitor using a session cookie. This prevents the popup from showing on every page after verifying. When they close their browser and return later, they see the popup again. A session cookie is different from a return visitor cookie.

With the return visitor feature enabled, your visitor sees the "remember me" box on the age verification window. If they opt-in by checking the box, a return visitor cookie is set in their browser and they will not experience the popup next time they visit your website. Cookies can sometimes sync across devices. It will not show to the visitor on any device that keeps a copy of the cookie. 

These settings do not work on visitors who have cookies disabled or may reset when the user clears their browser cache. It might not work when using a different device or browser on a subsequent visit. 

A cookie is not set when using Testing Mode.

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