Session cookie stops popup from repeating after validation

Marijuana Age Verify does not continue to pop up on every page after a visitor has verified. The standard plugin provides a session cookie to allow validated visitors to freely browse your website without hassle. 

By default, a session cookie is set for the duration of the user’s single visit. Once they close the browser window and exit your website the session ends. They will experience age verification when they return to the website. This cookie is not optional because it is required for the plugin to function properly.

A cookie is not set when using Testing Mode. 

Built-in Clear Browser Cookie Feature

The “clear browser cookie” button detects if a cookie is set in your own browser from the age verify plugin and clears it. It is a standard feature.

What problem does it solve?

If you’ve clicked “yes” or used the “remember me” checkbox the plugin will set a cookie in your browser. It remembers not to show the popup again:

  1. During your session after you’ve been verified. (You clicked yes.)
  2. When it recognizes your device next time a session is started after the return visitor cookie is set. (You checked remember me.)

These prevent you from getting the popup which can prevent you from testing it.

How to use it.

The plugin settings page will tell you if a cookie is set in the browser you are using. The button will display either:

  • No Cookie Set (inactive button)
  • Clear Your Cookie (clickable button)

You can use it to clear your cookie. There is no need to click save because it is not a setting.

  1. Click “Clear Your Cookie button"
  2. Visit your site or refresh the web page to begin viewing the age verify window.
  3. Refresh the plugin settings page to recheck cookies after verifying to clear a new one.

Make sure you have not selected “enable verification” settings that prevent the popup from showing to you (“Disable verification” or “except to logged-in users”).

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