No featured image set?

No featured photo set? No problem. Use a photo from the body.

Use First Body Image: For sites or themes that do not use featured images.

This Premium features was built for site owners who add a photo to the top of each post in the body content. 

The standard method of including images in the feed is to pull the featured image set in the post settings (not body images). If you use body images like a featured image at top of post, the only option using the standard free plugin is to set a featured image on each post. This is not the best option if the Theme displays the featured image AND the body image top of post because it creates a duplicate when visitors read the post. It can also be time consuming to go back and edit posts. 

Here's a quick and easy solution.

How To Use It

Go to our plugin page from your WordPress dashboard, located in the left sidebar. The feature is set to thumbnail size by default.

After upgrading, the "first image" option will show up in the Premium plugin. Simply check the box to enable this option.

If you are not immediately seeing the option take effect, clear your website cache or refresh your feed with the third party service being used to display your RSS content. 

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