"Enable verification" settings not taking effect? Try "realtime settings check"​

"Realtime Settings Check" is a configuration that helps specific caching issues. The setting is unchecked (off) by default because most sites do not need to use it and it adds a delay to the age verify window. The settings is available on the Easy Age Verify standard and Premium plugin.

What problems does it solve?

  • My enable settings are not taking effect to start or stop showing age verification.
  • My site cache is blocking age verify from being enabled or disabled.
  • Gets around broad caching issues (page, server, CDN caching) impacting "enable verification" settings.

Who it's for?

  • Sites using any type of cache.

Examples of the issues you could be experiencing:

  • I've disabled age verification to all visitors but it continues showing.
  • The audience targeting settings did not take effect, even after I've cleared page cache. For example: "Enable verification" was set to show to all visitors and was changed to "except to logged in users".

What does it do?

  • Enables realtime setting check before displaying the popup.
  • Before showing the age verify window an AJAX call checks the plugin settings to confirm if it is enabled or disabled (any of the "enable verification" settings).
  • Can add delay between page load time and the popup displaying. Visitors may see page content for a brief moment.
  • Check realtime enable verification settings before displaying age verification
  • It adds a server call (the equivalent to another page load) to the page load. This can add time before age verification display ranging from half a second to seconds depending on your server performance.

How to use it.

Start using "realtime settings check" by selecting the checkbox and saving your settings. Then clear all types of cache for your site. Once the setting has taken effect the plugin will bypass cache to confirm your "enable verification" settings every time.

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