Does it work if my website uses caching?

Yes, this plugin is designed to work with caching plugins, and sets the DONOTCACHEPAGE flag so that pages are not cached without the age verify pop-up. You do need to clear the website page/server/CDN cache on plugin activation so the pop-up overlay code is included on every page. Until then, visitors will not see a pop-up.

Website caching is the #1 reason age verify does not start working. 

Make sure your website cache is empty. After enabling verification clear your cache. 

  • Clear page cache
  • Clear server cache
  • Clear CDN cache

Websites using cache, caching plugins, website hosts that offer server caching and services like Cloudflare that offer network caching may run into this issue. Cache not capturing the new age verify code is the most common reason it does not begin working. Cache must be cleared to save the new code.

Clear page cache each time settings are changed.

When settings are edited and saved, clear page cache before heading to your website to view the changes. Hard refresh the web page (pop-up window) to see the new changes take effect. Repeat each time changes are saved.

Read: How to preview my pop-up window.

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