My age verify window is not popping up.

The Easy Age Verify pop-up window was designed to stop showing on every subsequent page load after a visitor has been verified. 

Is verification enabled?

Verification is disabled by default until you select “enable verification” in the plugin settings. Until then, visitors will not see a pop-up. Remember to save changes.

Are you using "except to logged in users"?

If you have “enable verification” using “except to to logged in users” it will not pop-up while you are logged into your site.

Are you using "TESTING MODE"?

If you have TESTING MODE enabled make sure you are logged in. This mode displays the pop-up to logged in admins only.

Did you click "yes"?

This plugin uses a session cookie that stops age verify from showing repeatedly after clicking “yes.” If you've clicked "yes" the cookie must be reset. Open a private/incognito window or restart your browser. 

Open a private/incognito window:

Open your website in an incognito/private window. The previous cookie is not saved here and the website will consider you to be a new visitor. Unless you click "yes" in the incognito/private window, too. Remember to log back in if you are using TESTING MODE. 

Restart your browser:

  1. Log out of WordPress
  2. Close down your browser 
  3. Then reopen your website.

Does your website use caching?

Try clearing your page cache, CDN cache or server cache. Clear browser cache each time changes are saved to the plugin settings by doing hard refresh of the web page (pop-up window).

Website caching is the #1 reason age verify does not start working.

If it still doesn’t seem to be working, take steps to rule out conflicting plugins or contact us for support. 

Read: How preview works.

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