Can I preview what the pop-up looks like on my website?


How Preview Works

When Easy Age Verify settings are enabled it will begin showing on your website.

After configuring the options, clear your website cache, then visit your website to view the live pop-up.

If you make more edits - Hard refresh the web page (pop-up window) to see the new changes take effect.

We recommend using “Testing Mode” during initial set-up to preview what age verify looks like on your website while hiding it from visitors.

Avoid clicking “yes” during set-up and testing.

This plugin uses a session cookie that stops age verify from showing repeatedly after clicking “yes” (verifying). If you've clicked "yes" try opening a private/incognito window or close down and restart your browser. This must be repeated each time settings are changed.

Clear page cache each time settings are changed.

When settings are edited and saved, clear page cache before heading to your website to view the changes. Hard refresh the web page (pop-up window) to see the new changes take effect. Repeat each time changes are saved.

Preview With Testing Mode

This mode displays the pop-up window to logged in admins only.

It is best to use TESTING MODE for initial set-up of the plugin.

Keep in mind that switching to TESTING MODE after age verification is set-up and running means it will stop showing to visitors.

  1. Enable TESTING MODE located under the "Enable Verification" setting.
  2. Save changes.
  3. Then visit your website while logged in.

Preview Using Other Modes

In the case that you do not want to interrupt age verification from showing to visitors (previously set-up and running), changes are viewed live.

If “show verification to all visitors” is enabled, visit your website to view the pop-up like a visitor whether you are logged in or out.

If “show verification except to logged-in users” is enabled, log out or open a private/incognito window to view the pop-up.

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