Popup Window Functionality


Pretty Simple Popup is mobile friendly. The popup displays responsively across mobile screens. The content will automatically adjust in optimal size and position for the device used. 

Modal Window

The standard popup is provided

Fullscreen Window

The popup uses a fullscreen color background. The background color and opacity are editable with the Premium plugin. The free template background is not editable. By default the background is set to black 50% opacity. A fullscreen look can be created with the Premium plugin templates.

SEO Friendly

This plugin is SEO friendly. The popup window does not block search crawlers or conflict with SEO plugins .

Popup Blockers

Our popup cannot be stopped by popup blockers. It technically opens in a new window (within the same web page).

Troubleshoot my popup is not showing.

Theme Compatibility

Pretty Simple Popup works with any WordPress Theme and does not require the purchase of other products. It will overlay a fullscreen window over any WordPress website. It works on pages, products, and posts.

HTTPS and SSL Support

This plugin is compatible with HTTPS and SSL. We recommend your entire website runs over https to comply with today’s web standards and to make it secure and search engine friendly.

eCommerce Compatibility

The popup will display on all pages on the website when installed to the same domain. This includes pages, posts, and custom post types such as products. It is compatible with WooCommerce and other shopping carts that work with WordPress.

Will it show ads on my website or collect data?

This plugin is 100% ad free. 5 Star Plugins does not collect or store visitor data from websites using this plugin.

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