Popup not showing?

There are several reasons you might not see the popup although it is working correctly. Here's how to troubleshoot so you can start viewing your popup ASAP.

Is the popup enabled?

The popup is disabled by default until you edit the plugin settings. Until then, visitors will not see a popup. Remember to save changes.

Is the template empty? 

When content is not entered into the template you will see an empty popup on preview.

Using "except to logged-in users"?

If you’ve set “show except to logged-in users” it will not display while you are logged into the site.

Using Testing Mode? 

If you're using Testing Mode the popup will not display while you are logged out of admin.

Did the popup close?

If you’ve recently viewed the popup, it may not show again due to a cookie. Clear your browser cookie. The cookie prevents the popup from showing again according to the frequency (days) set. Use the clear cookie tool to eliminate this as the cause. The cookie is disabled in Testing Mode.

Rule out caching issues.

The plugin provides automatic and built-in cache clearing tools. All of our tricks do not always work on every site. Troubleshoot cache issues.

How to start completely fresh.

If all else fails clear out the session and cached browser settings by completely restarting your browser.

  1. Log out of WordPress 
  2. Close down your browser  
  3. Then reopen your website

Rule out conflicting plugins.

Other plugins can cause javascript errors, include outdated libraries, or prevent Pretty Simple Popup from working the way it should be. This is not common but should be looked at if all other reasons have been ruled out. 

Steps for troubleshooting conflicting plugins: 

  1. Check the browser console for error messages 
  2. Look for outdated plugins (those that have been abandoned by the developer and have not been update for a long time) 
  3. Review activated plugins to deactivate those that are suspect, retest the popup plugin

We are not aware of any conflicting plugins. If you identify one, please report back so we can add it to our documentation to help others.

Get help.

If it still doesn’t seem to be working, or this is getting too technical, it might be time to get support

Website caching is the #1 reason the popup does not start working. 

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