Does your site use caching?

Website caching is the #1 reason the popup does not start working. 

Pretty Simple Popup is designed to support caching services in various ways.

Summary of Features

Cache busters have been built into our code to improve file and display updates. CSS and Javascript calls add cache busting to improve plugin update changes taking effect. 

Automatic cache clearing helps saved plugin edits take effect on most websites.

If these features do not work on your site, you will need to clear cache manually to troubleshoot plugin updates or settings changes from taking effect.

Learn more about plugin caching features.

I installed and setup the popup but it is not showing.

Does your website or hosting service use cache?Cache not capturing the new plugin code is the most common reason the popup does not start displaying. Cache must be cleared to capture the new plugin code. 

Make sure your website cache is empty. After enabling the popup in the plugin settings clear your cache. 

  • Clear page cache
  • Clear server cache
  • Clear CDN cache

Websites using cache, caching plugins, website hosts that offer server caching and services that offer network caching may run into this issue. 

My popup edits are not taking effect.

If you are not seeing edits take effect on the front end display, it is likely cache is the reason. Page cache is not the only culprit, your cached browser could be showing you an old version of the window. 

The plugin features Automatic Page Cache Clearing each time plugin settings are saved. It works on most systems. If this feature does not work on your cached site you will need to clear page cache manually each time plugin settings are saved.

Manual Steps

  1. Edit and save plugin settings.
  2. Clear page cache before heading to your website to view the changes.
  3. Clear browser cache on repeated viewing of the window. Hard refresh the web page to see new changes take effect. 
  4. Repeat each time changes are saved.

Keep in mind that due to the individualized way caching and cookies operate, a new visitor will experience the updated popup even when your browser/device isn't showing it to you. These steps will ensure you see what new visitors see. 

Plugin update not taking effect.

Built-in File Cache Busting helpsplugin updates take effect more immediately. If a plugin update does not take effect try clearing server cache manually.

"Enable" settings not taking effect.

If you’ve changed settings to enable the popup to a different mode, but it didn’t seem to work, you might need a cache workaround. Learn about "realtime settings check".

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