Copyright year didn’t update?

Is a copyright currently in your footer?

Add © year to your footer. Works with a footer socket or footer widget.

Is the year prior to 2000?

This plugin recognizes years after 2000. Update the year to this century and see if it works.

Check your format:

This plugin does not work with this format:

© Company YYYY

Copyright Company YYYY


Rearrange text to:

© YYYY Company

Copyright YYYY Company


It works with or without a space between the “©” and year.

Correct format: ©2022 or © 2022

It will not work without a space after the word “copyright”.

Correct format: Copyright 2022

It will not work with any words between the copyright word or symbols and year.

Correct format: © 2022 Company or Company © 2022

It will not work with “to” instead of a dash.

Correct format: © 2001-2022

Non-breaking space:

HTML &nbsp as separators are not supported. Use an actual space.

Did you refresh your browser?

View a fresh version of your web page by doing a hard refresh, restarting your browser or opening an incognito window. Browser cache could prevent changes from showing. 

Does your website use page caching?

Automatic cache clearing helps saved plugin edits take effect on most websites. Page cache is automatically cleared sitewide each time settings are saved. If you do not see changes take effect after refreshing your browser, clear page cache manually. Learn more.

Are you using a footer socket or footer widget?

The plugin was designed to detect a copyright year in the footer section of your website. If a copyright is placed in the body, header or other area, even if it is global, the update will not work. If you have gone through all of the troubleshooting tips and the plugin is not working with your site, it is possible that the Theme is coded in a non-standard way. Premium plugin users can email us for code-level support with a WordPress expert. We will review your site and provide the best possible solution to get everything working perfectly. 

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