Images not showing from Hubspot to WordPress?

Why aren’t my featured images showing up from Hubspot to WordPress while using the plugin?

Use WordPress as the RSS source.

For our plugin to work, the source of the RSS feed must be from WordPress to Hubspot, not the other way around. If Hubspot is the source of the RSS feed, our plugin won’t do anything to help add images into Hubspot, you would need to look into how you add images to the Hubspot RSS feed, read Hubspot's RSS docs here and look for the "Include Featured Image" checkbox:

Our plugin specifically adds images to the WordPress RSS feed, which can then be used as the source for other RSS readers, like Feedly, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Constant Contact, and others.

What if Wordpress is the source of my feed, but images still aren't showing up?

First, check your source/raw WordPress feed using the RSS Image Checker tool to find out if featured images are there.

If the images are NOT showing up in your feed while the plugin is installed and activated, it could be due to one of these other issues:

  • Your feed might be cached and not updating with recent images included.
  • No featured image is set.
  • You are using a redirect RSS URL (such as FeedBurner) not the source WordPress URL.

Read: Images are not showing in my raw feed

What if images show in my WordPress feed, but not in HubSpot?

If you used the RSS Image Checker tool to find out that featured images are showing up, then it may be a Hubspot specific setting. Enable images in the Hubspot feed reader per these articles:

If it's still not working, we'd suggest contacting Hubspot support to see if they can help with how to link up the image in the RSS description field, or the image in the Media tag, to the RSS item URL. If they can't help you, then I'd consider switching to Mailchimp for email campaigns. If you are a Premium plugin user, you can also email us with your Hubspot login info so our developers can dig into customizing the Hubspot HTML template for you.

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