My MJ age verify window is not popping up

Marijuana Age Verify Easy Age Verify was designed to stop showing on every subsequent page load after a visitor has been verified. It is one of multiple reasons why you wouldn't get the window when it is working like it should. Here's how to troubleshoot so you can start viewing age verify ASAP.

Is verification enabled?

Verification is disabled by default until you select “enable verification” in the plugin settings. Until then, visitors will not see it. Remember to save changes.

Are you using "except to logged in users"?

If “enable verification” is set to “except to logged in users” it will not display while you are logged into the site.

Are you using "Testing Mode"?

If you're using Testing Mode it will only display while logged into the site under an admin role. 

Did you click "yes"?

This plugin uses a cookie that stops age verify from showing repeatedly after clicking “yes” during a session or longer when the return visitor option is checked. If you've clicked "yes" the cookie must be reset. Use the built-in “clear my cookie” button right from your settings dashboard.

A cookie is not set when using Testing Mode.

Start completely fresh

If all else fails clear out the session and cached browser settings by completely restarting your browser.

How to restart your browser:

  1. Log out of WordPress
  2. Close down your browser 
  3. Then reopen your website

Does your website use caching?

Try clearing your page cache, CDN cache or server cache. Clear browser cache each time changes are saved to the plugin settings by doing hard refresh of the web page (popup window).

Website caching is the #1 reason age verify does not start working.

Rule out conflicting plugins

Other plugins can cause javascript errors, include outdated libraries, or prevent Marijuana Age Verify from working the way it should be. This is not common but should be looked at if all other reasons have been ruled out. 

Steps for troubleshooting conflicting plugins:

  • Check the browser console for error messages
  • Look for outdated plugins (those that have been abandoned by the developer and have not been update for a long time)
  • Review activated plugins to deactivate those that are suspect, retest the age verification plugin

We are not aware of any conflicting plugins. If you identify one, please report back so we can add it to our documentation to help others.

Help me solve my problem

If it still doesn’t seem to be working, or this is getting too technical, please contact us for support

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