Marijuana Age Verify can be previewed privately or publicly on your website. It is best to use Testing Mode for initial setup of the plugin. Keep in mind that switching to Testing Mode after age verification is setup and running means it will stop showing to visitors.

How Preview Works

The plugin was built to provide live preview with options to view it privately or publicly. 

Previewing in Testing Mode

Visitors coming to a public site will see age verify unless it is set to Testing Mode. This setting allows you to preview the popup while logged-in as admin while hidden from visitors. To make setup easier we've disabled the cookie in Testing Mode. The window will continue to display for preview after clicking the "yes" button, without needing to clear your browser cookie. 

How to preview using Testing Mode:

  1. Enable Testing Mode to view the verification window while hidden from visitors during setup.
  2. Edit and save the settings.
  3. Visit your site while logged in as admin.

The session cookie is disabled in Testing Mode which means the verification window will show over again after closing it. Refresh the browser to see it again.

Page Cache Can Prevent Updates from Showing

Each time plugin settings are saved the plugin automatically clears page cache sitewide. This feature works on most sites. If your site uses caching that does not respond to this feature, please clear your page cache manually each time settings are saved in order for display updates to take effect.

Automatic page cache clearing will work with will work with most systems using cache tools. When you save changes you will see a confirmation message that cache clearing was activated. 

Previewing in Public Modes

In the case that you do not want to interrupt an existing age verification from showing to visitors (previously set up and running), changes are viewed live.

  • If “show to all visitors” is enabled, visit your website to view verification like a visitor whether you are logged in or out.
  • If “show except to logged-in users” is enabled, log out or open a private/incognito window to view verification.

If you’ve verified (clicked the "yes" button) while viewing it in public modes a session cookie may prevent it from displaying to you again. You can remedy this by switching to Testing Mode or clearing your browser cookie. Visit Settings to check for and clear your browser cookie. Refresh your browser to view verification again.

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