Advanced Settings

Click the "optional advanced settings" section to reveal useful tools. 

Realtime Settings Check 

A configuration that helps specific caching issues. The setting is unchecked (off) by default because most sites do not need to use it and it adds a delay to the popup window. Learn more

Reset Cookie For All Visitors

Refresh the days frequency setting for all past visitors by generating a new cookie. Useful when launching a new promotion in the popup that returning visitors should see right away

Also See: Built-in Cookie Clearing

Outside of the advanced settings section, under the save button, you will find a useful tool to "clear my cookie".

Clear your own browser cookie to see the popup again after closing it while is a public viewing mode. The tool will detect whether this plugin has set a cookie in your browser. Refresh the settings page to detect new cookies. Click “clear your cookie” and refresh your browser then wait for it to display according to the delay timer setting.

The "clear my cookie" tool does not require clicking the save button to work because it is not a setting.

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